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Teacher is the most prestigious profession in Lithuania

We are certain, that a REAL teacher does not only help children to become a personality but is himself/herself a leader who brings together, unites and “glues” his/her community together. Therefore, the GUDFOR team supports the goal of a national initiative of Lithuania “Idėja Lietuvai” (Idea for Lithuania): Teacher is the most prestigious profession in Lithuania by 2025.


How are we contributing?

“Renkuosi mokyti” (I Choose Teaching) is a part of an international project “Teach4All”, that also takes place in Lithuania. This project of teachers of the future trains 1 teacher in two years’ time, i.e. in 48 learning days. The project pays 50€ for a day of training a teacher, which we call a “teacher’s day”. Since we want to have more innovative teachers in Lithuania, we have decided to dedicate a part of the margin from selling every GUDFOR product to the project “Renkuosi mokyti”, which creates benefits for the whole community.

more information - WWW.RENKUOSI MOKYTI.LT

Our goal

To make as many “teacher’s days” from GUDFOR sales that there would be 3 real teachers, that underwent the training of “Renkuosi mokyti” program, in every school in Lithuania by 2025.

Support results

In order to give an accurate response, we update the schedule indicating where and how many “teacher’s days” we have financed on a regular basis. This is the result achieved by all GUDFOR customers, distributors and retailers.

Total teacher days:


Total during these years:


Change over the year:


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