Supermama glue for toys, furniture and handicrafts

Supermama glue is clear and especially strong hybrid glue, produced by using advanced technology, and can be optimally used for toys, furniture, handicrafts and in many other domestic cases. You can use this glue for gluing the majority of surfaces that you come across in the household. It does not shrink or emit vapour when it is setting, and the surfaces that it is used on do not bloat, it does not cause corrosion, nor does it change the colour or reacts with surfaces. This glue is also not aggressive, it does not contain diluents, isocyanates and is odorless. Once a juncture forms, it is especially elastic and long-lasting, resistant to vibrations and to the effects of the environment and of the atmosphere. You can cut off the set glue or its excess with a sharp knife.

Video instruction
Video instruction

Product features for every ocassion


Hang a painting

Hang a painting or a picture of your loved ones without using nails, hammer or a drill.


Fix broken furniture

Clear, strong, reliable glue suitable for light construction furniture repair. Excess glue can be easily cleaned or dyed.


Create decorations

Elastic, non-toxic, clear Supermama glue will help you to create decorations you will enjoy for a long time.


Fix broken toys

Non-toxic, skin-friendly, strong Supermama glue will help you to fix detached toy ribbons or eyes, broken plane wings.

Mom's opinion

The glue is perfectly balanced for a modern woman. The packaging is convenient and nice to touch. The glue is especially clear, you will not see a single drop fall down while gluing because it will be invisible. The glue is so thick that you don’t even need to hold pressed elements you are gluing – they firmly stick together at once! Once the glue sets, it is very elastic. Now I can glue a cupboard drawer, my son‘s toy, a gift package or even a shoe sole myself!

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24 kg/cm2


Glues majority of surfaces

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