Hot melt glue Supermama for decoration and handicrafts

There are as many ways for using Supermama hot melt glue as the ideas you can implement with it. 8 colour sticks are perfect for decorating a home or for creating handicrafts and jewellery. We created the glue in a way that we would use it for fixing the most difficult materials: wood, glass, ceramics and textile, leather, PVC and paper, cardboard. The glue is of low-temperature heating. When you want more colours, you can melt the glue together into one alloy. The operating temperature ranges from +170 to +190℃. You will only need to hold one surface pressed against the other for approximately 16 s (it may vary depending on the layer of glue).

Video instruction
Video instruction

Refresh your home with DIY decorations


Easter decorations

Create Easter decorations all by yourself, using only natural materials. With the help of hot melt glue, quickly attach the base of the decoration and other elements to it.


Christmas decorations

Forget plastic decorations, create Christmas wreath or other ornaments from natural elements by yourself. Using hot melt glue, you will easily adhere a wreath from branches, cones or other elements.


Festive masks

Make your child or loved ones happy by creating an original mask, which you will be able to use during various celebrations, festivals, and school projects.


Unique postcards

A good word to a friend, gratitude for a grandmother, wishes for relatives, compliments for other occasions made by your own hands.

Mom‘s opinion:

You can find universal hot glue in shops but I liked GUDFOR Supermum‘s glue for its bright colours, adhesive properties and elasticity once it sets. I have noticed another positive property, i.e. this glue melts well and blends into one mass. It is useful when you are making a colourful piece of work. It is important to choose the right glue pistol and you can create anything you wish!

Main features

Drying time

16 sec.

Operating temperature

+170℃ till +190℃

Stick diameter/Length

11.5mm; 200mm


Different colours

Distribution points

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