Hot melt glue gun GUDFOR 100W

Hot glue gun GUDFOR is designed for professionals. It is a two-temperature glue gun designed for use of low-temperature 150 ° C to 170 ° C and high temperature 180 ° C to 200 ° C hot melt glue sticks. The built-in timer turns off the gun if you stop using it for more than 30 minutes. The wings on the sides of the casing protect against the leakage of glue when the gun is lying on the side. Silicone coated replaceable gun nozzle protects against burns. The gun’ power is 100W.

Video instruction
Video instruction
Main features

Automatic shutdown

30 min.



Thickness of the stick

11,5 mm

Cord length


Specialist‘s opinion

I make a lot of decorations at home, so I use the hot melt glue gun quite often. I have tested a number of different guns, but this gun is different, because of its ergonomics my hand won‘t get tired, the size is perfect – it is neither too big nor too small. When the tool is laid on the side, I am not afraid that glue will start to leak. Longer than usual cord makes it easier to move around while working. Despite all these positive things, the last but not the worst thing - the gun "falls asleep" after 30min., if it is not in use. It makes it very convenient to do several jobs at the same time.


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