Services and opportunities we offer to the distributors

What do we offer to distributors?


Specialized products for a specific task

From building insulation to colourful hot glue for creating jewellery – all our products were created with the help of experts and were tested in laboratories. Once the products are on the shelves in shops, the products do not demand the attention of the consultants. All a buyer needs to do is to scan the QR code on the product packaging with their smartphone and watch a video with the instructions on how to use the product.


Margin of no less than 20%

While a lot of market segments fight to compete with each other, GUDFOR focuses on the new users, changing their habits and taking up new niches. That is why we make sure that distributors are able to offer innovative decisions to the market, to avoid constant comparison with the alternatives and to earn an attractive margin in exchange for the value created in the supply chain.


Easier supply of products due to TOC (limit theory) decisions

We use “Symphony” programme for supplying GUDFOR products. Therefore when comparing with usual market indicators, the execution of the order is 75% quicker, the chance during delivery time increases to 95%, and the store level in the warehouse (in a shop) reduces to 50%. This automated source management tool creates better accessibility to goods, due to which sales increase to 50%.


GUDFOR worldwide

Simple solutions to complex problems is a universal language, which is used both by professional and household users worldwide. Therefore, once we have started distributing products in Europe, we are hoping that GUDFOR is successful in other parts of the world too.

Where to buy?

Become a GUDFOR distributor

It is within our interest to make sure that distributors would work with us and our products easily, and of course, profitably, and the cooperation is based on trust and continuous improvement. Are you ready to do the same for us?

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