Product advantages, we offer to retailers and consumers

GUDFOR helps customer 3 times


When overcoming challenges safely is important

Our products were created to reduce the number of problems at home or in the work of a fixer. For instance, GUDFOR glue for finishers can be used for fixing skirting board. Why hammer or drill if you can firmly glue? Even an inexperienced fixer will overcome the challenges with our products effectively without making a mess.


When you have little time for finding a suitable product

GUDFOR recommends placing products as additional goods in special sections in shopping networks. For example, we suggest placing GUDFOR finisher's glue in plinths section so that a consumer could find what s/he needs quicker.


In the absence of consultants

GUDFOR products have a pure and obvious design, and the information on the package is sufficient. Therefore, a user can easily find out how to use the products properly. You only need to scan the QR on the packaging and watch the video instruction.

Could we be partners?

If your shops are suitable for trading construction chemistry products created along with masters and professionals.

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