Portable butane powered glue gun GUDFOR

Totally portable, robust compact hotmelt glue gun that runs on butane gas. It does not require mains electricity or batteries but operates using easily refillable LEC™ (Liquid Energy Cells) power technology. Thermostatically controlled to give the optimum temperature to achieve the best glue delivery and gas economy. GUDFOR butane powered glue gun has been built to a very high standard and incorporates a soft-feel handle and full-hand trigger, making it a very comfortable gun to use. Each LEC™ gas cartridge refills in just 15 seconds - sufficient to keep glue gun running for approximately 1½ hours. Reaches operating temperature in just 5 minutes.

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Video instruction
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There is a lot of dust, dirt and all kinds of tools used in construction. The biggest advantage of the gun is that you don't have to look for a power outlet or charge the tool's batteries. I bought a bottle of butane gas, filled the cartridge in seconds, and soon I was able to start working. Convenient, fast and reliable.


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