Hot melt glue for decoration and handicrafts


There are as many ways for using GUDFOR Supermum‘s glue as the ideas you can implement with it. 8 colour sticks are perfect for decorating a home or for creating handicrafts and jewellery. We created the glue in a way that we would use it for fixing the most difficult materials: wood, glass, ceramics and textile, leather, PVC and paper, cardboard. The glue is of low-temperature heating. When you want more colours, you can melt the glue together into one alloy. The operating temperature ranges from +170 to +190℃. You will only need to hold one surface pressed against the other for approximately 16 s (it may vary depending on the layer of glue).

Video instruction
Video instruction
Main features

Drying time

16 sec.

Operating temperature

+170℃ till +190℃

Stick diameter/Length

11.5mm; 200mm


Different colours

Mom‘s opinion:

You can find universal hot glue in shops but I liked GUDFOR Supermum‘s glue for its bright colours, adhesive properties and elasticity once it sets. I have noticed another positive property, i.e. this glue melts well and blends into one mass. It is useful when you are making a colourful piece of work. It is important to choose the right glue pistol and you can create anything you wish!


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